Software Patches

January 13, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Bus View and Substation View Onelines: Fixed an access violation when opening the bus view with a VSC DC line selected in the string grid.
  • File Formats: When reading an EPC file, if the Min/Max Mvar values in the Gen data table were read as 0.0 and 0.0, then Simulator was automatically setting the Mvar output of the generators to 0.0 MVar and turning the generator to AVR = NO. This was a mistake if the generator record was configured to use the reactive capability curve (Qtable). In that case, Simulator will now wait to check whether the generator Mvar is within limits until AFTER we read the Qtable information and properly initialize the Min/Max Mvar values for the generator
  • Power Flow Solution: Fixed an error with the Jacobian calculation for constant impedance or current loads if the load is OPEN. We were include the terms contributed by these voltage-dependent loads even if the load was OPEN. This typically wouldn't cause a problem but did in a case where a load of -125 ZMvar was encounters at a low voltage bus that would never support this.
  • Power Flow Solution: When FROM side of a vsc dc line was set to control power, the set point values were not being used to initialize the calculations, so they had no impact on the output. This has been fixed.