Software Patches

February 8, 2022

Features and Improvements

  • Transient Stability: When saving Transient Contingencies as an Aux file it will also save the Transient Contingency Elements. This was not done before when saving from the Multiple Contingency table.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: When reading a contingency OTG file, if there was a BUS or a SECDD command it was adding a contingency element that was skipped because it was added incorrectly. Now the bus command is going to be added as an unlinked element event so the user will now that we do not support that command. The SECDD command will add the correct branch contingency element event and will be solved (not skipped) during the contingency analysis run.
    • Transient Stability: The column for showing the active relay models for a Load record was always showing blank. The load relays were there and active, but just not showing properly in the summary table. This has been fixed.