Software Patches

February 6, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • File Formats: Modified the reading of hdbexport CSV files so that when the pointer on the LNLIM record P__LN points to the associated LN record exists we ignore the backwards pointer from the LN record to the LNLIM record (P__LNLIM). Users have educated us that the pointer from the LNLIM record to the LN record should have priority. Same was done for the XFLIM-->XF and ZBLIM-->XF relationships.
  • File Formats: The feature on the Simulator options dialog under the File Management\hdbexport Files that allows you to "Save Known Field in HDB Pattern File" has been modified. Previously it would write out all fields that the PowerWorld Simulator file parser understands. Now some non-preferred pointer relationships will not be written out. Several years ago in the August 20, 2015 patch of Simulator 18, PowerWorld changed the parser to give preference for for pointer relationships between records as follows
    LNLIM -> LN
    XFLIM -> XF
    ZBLIM -> ZBR
    Prior to August 2015, we looked in the opposite direction. This patch removes the non-preferred pointer relationships in the opposite direction when writing out a sample Pattern file from PowerWorld. It was possible when these non-preferred pointer relationships existed that they coudl assign limits to LN, XF, or ZBR records when no limit should have been assigned.
  • Transient Stability: When running the TSSaveResults(), if results for contingencies whose Contingency Name contains characters not allowed in a Windows filename, the script command call was failing. This is handled appropriately now by replacing illegal characters with an _ character. This follows the same convention used when storing TSR files in tranisent stability.