Software Patches

February 22, 2024

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: Added new field "Reference Percent" for contingency limit violations (ViolationCTG object). This calculates (Reference State Value)/Limit*100.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Distributed Computation: When running contingency analysis using distributed computing through a script command and using screening, it was possible for the run to never complete if an error occurred during the base case power flow solution. This has been fixed.
    • File Formats: After reading ReactiveCapability objects from an auxiliary file, Simulator ensures that Mvar limits of generator records are updated immediately.
    • Optimal Power Flow (OPF): The option to "Monitor/Enforce Contingent Interface Elements" was being overwritten inadvertently with a previous value, when solving an LP OPF specifically while a user would have the LP OPF dialog open, and then altered this option either via (i) Case Information > Simulator Options > General, or (ii) Model Explorer > Optimal Power Flow > Interfaces. This would result in the newly changed value of "Monitor/Enforce Contingent Interface Elements" to be lost, and contingent interfaces would not be monitored/enforced as desired during the OPF. This bug would have only been observed by users running OPF with the user interface and editing options + solving OPF in tandem. In contrast, this bug would not be seen when setting all options upfront (in either GUI or script), and then solving an OPF.