Software Patches

February 21, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Contingency Analysis: Cleaned up the reading/writing to/from an AUX file of the various Advanced Limit Monitoring options associated with violations based on a change relative to the reference state.
  • Contingency Analysis: Fixed a very large memory leak that occurred when using incremental topology processing in contingency analysis
  • File Formats: Fixed error when writing out negative values of series resistance for a branch to an EPC file.
  • File Formats: When reading in three-winding transformer records from a RAW file, we now allow a terminal bus to be specified which is NOT listed in the bus records if the STAT field indicates that the respective winding is OPEN. Thus the tertiary bus can be omitted from the bus table if the STAT=3, secondary if STAT=2, and primary if STAT=4. In these situations, Simulator will automatically create the bus number referenced as a terminal of the three-winding transformer and write an appropriate message to the log. Recent MISO cases were found to contain this structure for 145 transformers.