Software Patches

February 2, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Case Information Displays: Modified how CalculatedField objects work in the user interface dialog when they are very simple and refer to another Advanced Filter by reference.
  • Transient Stability: Added support for the governor model h6e that represents a Hydro Turbine with an American Governor Company Controller.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: For Version 20 patches on 1/25/2018 and 1/30/2018, there was an error in save backwards to a Version 19 PWB file which make it impossible to read this Version 19 PWB back into either Version 19 or 20. A fix has been added so that we can properly read this PWB file back in and so that we write future version 19 PWB files that do not have this problem.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed bug in bringing up the case information display showing all the results in a particular plot. An access violation was introduced in a recent patch which is now fixed.
    • Transient Stability: Modified DER_A voltage tripping to compare times rounded to the nears microsecond when using Tlv0, Tlv1, Thv0, and Thv1. This makes timing more consistent.
    • User Interface Dialogs: When changing the Filter Object Type on the Advanced Filter Dialog (or inside the Calculated Field dialog), the the list of fields for the field-to-field comparison were not being updated on the dialog immediately. The same was true for the list of filters if you had chosen to "Use Another Filter" as one of the conditions. This would update as soon as you changed the condition field. It will now update immediately however.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the string that appears describing some more obscure object type when using the find/choose dialog. These include the InterfaceElement, ContingencyElement, InterfaceElement, PartPoint, ModelCondition, ModelConditionCondition, ModelFilter, ModelFilterCondition, Condition, and Filter. This was a cosmetic change only that would most commonly be noticed on the Dependency Explorer DialogResizing