Software Patches

December 21, 2017

Features and Improvements

  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding the ability to open Areva substation onelines from the right click menu on string grid displays. Also can search for onelines in the Oneline Viewer.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding the ability to pan to display objects via the Areva "find" command when loading in a oneline via a oneline link.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding the PanAndZoomToObject() oneline script command.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding a parameter to OpenOneline() that takes a script command to be executed within the newly opened oneline.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding the ability to open the script action form from the oneline so that the user can execute scripts on the oneline display.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Adding multiple click actions on oneline link objects and the ability to manipulate the oneline link object multiple actions through sgfields.
  • Time Step Simulation: Modified TimeDomainOPF so it sets the GIC time value to be the offset time from the start of the time domain simulation.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed a display bug where copy/pasted transmission lines would not be inserted in the correct location. This only effected
    • Oneline Diagrams: When clicking on the Up/Down arrow next to a switched shunt on the oneline diagram, if the shunt was not set to ControlMode = Fixed, then the up/down arrows would not work. This has been fixed.