Software Patches

April 8, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed "Percent" variablename for BRANCH objects for the more concise file format to represent the "% of Limit Used". Previously it was representing the "% at To Bus". Added variables "PercentFrom" and "PercentTo" to the concise file format
  • Case Information Displays: Fixed bug for filtering BRANCH objects by the owner in the Area/Zone/Owner filters. The problem was that we were checking both the owner of the terminal buses and the owner assigned to the branch. If both bus owners did NOT meet the owner filter, even though the branch owner did meet the filter, the branch would not be displayed. This has been fixed. This effected the use of filtering on branches everywhere in Simulator including locations like Auto-Insert Contingency definitions which make use of filtering.
  • File Formats: Added writing out voltage high/low normal/emergency limits with RAW format >= version 33. Previously we were reading this input but were not properly writing it back out. to the RAW format.