Software Patches

April 21, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Transient Stability: Added support for a new machine model named REGFM_A1 for a grid-forming converter model designed by PNNL.
  • Transient Stability: Improved Algebraic Network Boundary equation solutions at the time of fault or fault clearing for the REGC_B, REGC_C, REGFM_A1 and DER_A machine models.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed bug with the wrong object type being used in the Advanced Filter dialog when the dialog is opened using the Find button on the Filter toolbar.
    • File Formats: When loading a DYD file if duplicate _cmp_der_a or _cmp_dgpv with the same data number (such as -103) were read an error occurred. This has been fixed so that whatever the final entry read will be maintained.
    • GIC: Fixed GIC scripting issues and added the GIC script command GICTimeVaryingClearB3D to clear out the b3D data. It has three boolean paraments. If the first is "Yes" then clear the file name, if the second is "Yes" then clear the GIC data, if the third is yes then clear the time points. All three default to yes, so the command can be called with no parameters.
    • Transient Stability: For both the PlayInGen and InfiniteBusSignalGen machine models, when Rth was not 0 there was a bug. This has been fixed.