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When I pasted in (or imported from an aux file) information for a generator record, the AGC field changed to “NO”. Why is this occurring and how do I correct it?

This is an option on the Environment tab of the Solution/Environment Options dialog.

If a value is pasted in for Gen MW, then Simulator assumes that you desire to have Gen MW specified.  As a result, Simulator automatically sets the AGC field for that machine to “NO.”  Additionally, when importing data either from an aux file, or from a spreadsheet application, Simulator updates each field in the order it was received.  The consequence of this is that even if you set the AGC field to “YES”, but subsequently specify a value for the Gen MW field, Simulator sets AGC back to “NO”.

There are a number of methods to retain the AGC field as “YES” when pasting or importing Gen MW values:

  1. Manually set the AGC option back to YES after pasting the record, or
  2. Include an AGC column after the Gen MW column in the pasted data with the value set to “YES”, or
  3. Select Options >> Solution/Environment from the Simulator Main Menu.  On the Environment tab  uncheck the box marked “Disable AGC When Manually Changing Generator MW.”

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July 3, 2012