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WECC Area Interchange Diagram

These files include one-line diagrams and support files to show area interchange in WECC cases. A description of each file is as follows:

  • WECCAreaDIagramGE.pwd: a one-line diagram similar to those developed in the GE PSLF program. (Interface quantities are complete in the Northwest region but may need to be added elsewhere for completeness.)
  • WECCAreaDiagramGE.aux: auto-inserts Area-to-Area interfaces and interface expressions used on WECCAreaDIagramGE.pwd (must be loaded for quantities to display properly on the diagram); comments within the file explain the new objects and quantities
  • WECCAreaDiagramDefaultDraw.aux: default drawing values for areas and interfaces used on WECCAreaDIagramGE.pwd (optional, but may be helpful if you need to modify the diagram)
  • WECCAreaInterchangeDiagram.pwd: alternate one-line diagram that does not require custom expressions

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July 26, 2023