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Registering SimAuto

SimAuto must be registered in the Windows Registry before it can be referenced from external programming platforms. This normally happens automatically when Simulator is installed, but may need to be performed again if there is a hardware change or if you are working with multiple versions of Simulator. (Only one version of SimAuto may be registered at any time.) To manually register SimAuto, use the RegSimAuto.exe utility in the installation directory of the Simulator version you would like to register.

If you only have one version of Simulator installed on your machine, simply check the appropriate box and click OK.

If you have more than one version of Simulator installed, you may need to use the buttons under “Advanced” to clear all existing SimAuto settings first. Note that RegSimAuto for a 32-bit version will only clear 32-bit registration info, and a 64-bit installation will only clear 64-bit registrations. If you have both 32-bit and 64-bit installations active on your machine, you will want to clear all SimAuto settings for the version you do not want registered before registering the version you do want.










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March 20, 2014