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NOAA SWPC Geoelectric Field Models

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) offers geoelectric field inputs that can be used with PowerWorld Simulator GIC. Data are accessed from the  SWPC Geoelectric Field Model landing page.  The tabs at the top allow viewing of E-fields computed from 1D (EPRI) or 3D (NSF EarthScope USArray project) Earth resistivity models. From either top tab, choose the “Data” tab at the bottom for links to near real-time data in the GeoJSON text file format.

The files can be downloaded, then loaded from the PowerWorld Simulator GIC Analysis Form using the Time Varying Electric Field Inputs Calculation Mode. A demo of the PowerWorld Simulator functions can be found here. (Note that the urls in the presentation may differ from  those on the SWPC site. The SWPC updated the 1D data to use newer US and Canadian conductivity models. They are located under a different folder than indicated in the presentation. Follow the links from the SWPC Geoelectric Field Model landing page.)

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July 11, 2023