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New Feature: Data Check

A new feature was added to PowerWorld Simulator in the April 9, 2018 patch of Simulator 20 called “Data Checks”.

Data checks grew out of work that PowerWorld customers Jonathan Young (Columbia Grid) and John Gross (Avista Utilities) performed building on PowerWorld Simulator’s features of Advanced Filters, Calculated Fields, Dynamic Formatting, Expression and String Expressions. John and Jonathan had built up some very nice Auxiliary file scripts that used these features to export information about objects in a case that had suspect user input data.  After sharing this script with PowerWorld Corporation, PowerWorld staff took this and created the Data Check feature so that the user interface to the results of the data checks could be viewed directly inside PowerWorld Simulator.

A presentation was given at PowerWorld’s Client Conference at California ISO on June 19, 2018.  The presentation, lan AUX file the creates Data Checks in PowerWorld Simulator based on John and Jonathan’s work, and links to PowerWorld Simulator’s online help documentation are found at the following links.



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August 3, 2018