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I am getting $5000 / MW-hr LMP’s. Can that be correct?

If a constraint cannot be enforced due to insufficient controls, the slack variable associated with enforcing that constraint cannotbe removed from the LP basis.  Marginal cost depends on the arbitrary cost of the slack variable.  This value defaults to  $5000 per MW-hr in order to enforce the equality constraint that a control area’s generation should be equal to the area demand plus the area losses, plus the area scheduled interchange.  The value is specified in the Marginal Violation Cost field of the LP OPF >> Options dialog. See the following topics in the help files included with your software for more information:

  • PowerWorld Simulator Add-on Tools >> OPF >> Options
  • PowerWorld Simulator Add-on Tools >> OPF >> Examples
  • Tutorials >> OPF >> Marginal Cost of Enforcing Constraints
  • Tutorials >> OPF >> Unenforceable Constraints

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July 5, 2012