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How do I copy Simulator one-lines or dialog boxes to put in my reports and presentations?

Copying Simulator one-lines

Simulator one-lines provide outstanding graphical visualization capabilities. The diagrams created convey a wealth of engineering and economic information in an easy to understand format. For this reason, our customers are always interested in copying these graphics into other Windows applications such as a word processor or presentation program. The best way to copy a Simulator one-line diagram is to right-click on the background of the one-line and choose Copy Image to Clipboard. This will copy the one-line to the Windows Clipboard as a Windows Metafile (*.wmf). Windows Metafile’s are the standard format of the Windows Clipboard. Then to paste the one-line into another application, such as a word processor, simply open up the application and choose Edit >> Paste.

Copying Dialog Boxes or Anything on the Screen

Windows provide the ability to copy the entire monitor screen to the Windows clipboard as a bitmap. Simply press PrintScreen on the keyboard to do this (this key is normally to the right of the F12 key). To paste the image into an application, open the application and choose Edit >>Paste, or right-click and select Paste, or press Ctrl+V (if supported).

Windows also provides the ability to copy only the presently active window to the clipboard by pressing Alt+PrintScreen.

Note: Alt+PrintScreen will only copy either a “Child Window” or all visible windows in a current application. Child windows are windows that can not be moved outside the scope of the application window.

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July 3, 2012