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GIC and Geographic Data View

Simulator’s Geographic Data View feature is uniquely suited for visualizing geomagnetically induced current (GIC) flows over a wide area. In the graphic below, each substation is depicted by a colored circle. The size of the circle is proportional to the GIC flowing through the neutral, while the color indicated whether GIC is flowing into or out of the neutral and ground. (Red = into the ground, Blue = out of the ground.)


These images may be created automatically for all substations with geographic coordinates. The auxiliary file and one-line diagram here can be used to produce a similar graphic:

  1. Open a case
  2. Open the GIC Analysis Form, set-up GIC simulation parameters, and click “Calculate GIC Values”
  3. Go to the Tables and Results -> Substations table
  4. Right-click in the “GIC Amps to Neutral” column and choose Geographic Data View -> Select Column, then Geographic Data View.
  5. Under “Oneline for Geographic Data Addition”, select “Open a Oneline”, click “Browse…”, and locate the file “NorthAmerica_Black_Blank.pwd”
  6. Under “Object Field Display Option Sets”, click “Load from Auxiliary”, and locate the file “GeoDataViewGIC.aux”
  7. Click “Create Geo Data View Display and Close Dialog”

Note: The display makes use of a visibility filter to only show substations that meet the filter “GIC>threshold”. The threshold is set to 25 GIC amps in the neutral. You can edit this filter to make more or fewer substations visible.

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August 18, 2015