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Example of Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) Calculations

Appendix II of the Application Guide: Computing Geomagnetically-Induced Current in the Bulk-Power System published by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation shows calculations of GIC currents and related quantities for a hypothetical power system with 6 buses and 3 substations. This system is available here for use in PowerWorld Simulator. These may be examined in the free evaluation version of PowerWorld Simulator.

Note that the calculations in the December 2013 edition of the NERC Application Guide assume a spherical earth model. PowerWorld Simulator uses the WGS84 ellipsoid earth model, in which the polar radius is 6357 km and the equatorial radius is 6378 km. The difference in earth modeling leads to slight differences in calculations of distance between substations and consequently, slight differences in GIC-induced DC voltages in the transmission lines and other GIC quantities.

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July 18, 2014