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Enabling AGC control of ISO-NE in cases where it spans multiple islands

Auxiliary File: HighgateIsland.aux

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In some Eastern Interconnect planning models, the ISO-NE area spans multiple islands that contain multiple areas. Some of its buses, loads, and generators are connected to the rest of the area through the Highgate AC-DC-AC link and lie in the island of area TE. Simulator cannot enforce AGC for such areas because it is not possible to determine how area transactions are split across the islands.

The aux file procedure includes several key actions:

  • create a Model Expression to identify the Island Number of the primary island of the Eastern Interconnect;
  • create filters to identify buses, loads, and generators in the ISO-NE area, but outside the primary island;
  • assign those buses, loads, and generators to a new area; and
  • establish a MW transaction between ISO-NE and the new area to zero-out the ACE.

The file includes several comments for documentation. The user may need to modify the file if the case is different, or if custom expressions already exist for MW Transactions.

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June 29, 2012