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Can I solve a Real-Time power flow in Retriever?

Yes.  The data that is imported from the real-time sources can be substituted for the underlying system data to solve a real-time power flow in Retriever, provided that:

  1. a complete system model with all required object fields necessary to run a power flow solution is provided (see case validation), and
  2. the underlying model fields (when combined with the imported real-time data) are well conditioned for a solution

Although Retriever does not require a system model capable of being solved in order for it to perform its function of importing and displaying real-time data, it comes standard with both Edit and Run modes (in addition to Real-Time mode).  Edit mode allows the user to edit the underlying model parameters and to develop and make changes to system diagrams.  Run Mode allows for system simulation and power flow analysis.  When a case is first opened in Retriever, the software automatically validates the case.  Case validation does not guarantee that a system will solve, but it does check to ensure that all required power system elements are present to attempt a solution.

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July 5, 2012