Intuitive, User-Friendly GUI

Powerful visualization techniques are used on an interactive basis, resulting in an extremely intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI includes animated oneline diagrams with support for panning, zooming, and conditional display of objects. PowerWorld Simulator simulates the operation of a control area in an interconnected power system over a given period of time, usually ranging from several hours up to an entire day. During the course of the simulation, users get to not only see the system operate, but also to easily interact with the system using a number of animated displays and get immediate feedback on the effects of their actions. The user operates the system primarily by using a dynamic one-line diagram to change system controls, including generator megawatt (MW) output, load tap changing (LTC) transformer tap positions, phase-shifter positions, or circuit breaker status.

Model Explorer

View system data in tabular form. The Model Explorer offers spreadsheet-like views of power system data and calculations with easy tabular navigation. It allows you to sort and filter the data the way that you want to see it, as well as to copy to or from other applications. You can even save tabular data as HTML for display on the web And speaking of the web, our built-in web document editor allows you to produce HTML documents containing text, tables, and images and publish them to your web site to communicate the results of your study. This allows you, for example, to display the area bubble diagram showing tie-line flows on your web site, or to email such a diagram to a colleague.

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Solutions Options

Choose from numerous solution options and controls, including:

  • Full AC or DC solution
  • Specify maximum iteration
  • Step through the power flow solution by single iterations Single solution option, or continuous solutions
  • Flat Start Options
  • AGC Controls
  • Loss Penalty Factors
  • Convex Cost Curves
  • Switched Shunt Controls
  • LTC Transformer Controls
  • Phase Shifter Controls
  • Ability to specify post-power flow solution actions

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