PowerWorld v19 Released

PowerWorld is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its line of power system analysis tools.  PowerWorld Simulator, PowerWorld Retriever, and PowerWorld Viewer are all now on version 19.  Emails have been sent to all organizations with current license agreements that include instructions on how to download and install the new version.   For a complete list of what’s new in version 19, see:

The most significant improvements fall into three main categories.

    1. Easier management of input data

    • New “Data Maintainer” that makes it easier to assign who is responsible for the input data in your models
    • Ability to design your own groupings of objects using “Supplemental Data”
    • Continued support for reading/writing non-PowerWorld file formats
    • Transition to a “concise” auxiliary file format along with continued support for reading/writing old format auxiliary files
    • Read/write dozens of additional transient stability models
    2. Focus on industry needs:

    • More complete modeling of remedial action schemes with new contingency element features including persistent actions and time delays
    • Geomagnetically induced current models that allow “hotspot analysis” for both transformer heating and considering high electric fields in a small region
    • New transient stability features including complete modeling of area generation control, line shunt models, wind turbines, solar plants, and battery storage
    • Continued improvements in full topology model analysis and support
    3. Visualization tools:

    • New feature for easy creation of a time series of images in transient stability using the “Transient Contour Toolbar”
    • New feature to allow any numeric one-line field associated with transient stability data to be shown as a sparkline