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What power flow algorithm does PowerWorld use?

Simulator uses a full Newton-Raphson algorithm, with non-divergence control. Simulator can solve power systems with up to 100,000 buses, and an almost unlimited number of lines. Simulator has been used to solve FERC 715 cases for all of the NERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) regions. The largest cases we’ve seen so far have been 65,000 buses cases developed by combining the Eastern Interconnect, Western Interconnect and ERCOT systems in the United States into one large case. PowerWorld Simulator offers the user the Decoupled Power Flow and the DC power flow as solution options as well as a “Robust Solution Process,” which iterates between the various solution options in an attempt to solve very ill-conditioned cases.

The power flow algorithm incorporates common controls used in power flow analysis, including remote voltage regulation by LTCs, generators, and switched shunts, shared voltage regulation by generators, phase-shifting transformer control, DC line modeling, and Multi-Terminal DC Line Modeling.

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July 5, 2012