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PowerWorld Simulator Help Files

Save these files by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As …” or “Save Link As …”, saving the zip file to a location you’ll remember, and then extracting Pwrworld.chm into your PowerWorld Simulator directory (C:\Program Files\PowerWorld\Simulator by default).

Note: For the PowerWorld Simulator Help Files, right-click on the file after extracting, select Properties, and click on the Unblock button in the bottom right hand corner of the General tab.  If this button is invisible, then the file is already unblocked, and it should be opened without any problems. *

* If you try opening the help file from the network drive, you may experience some problems. To allow your system to open help files from the network drive, download this (right click and choose Save Target As…) registry script. In order to run the script, rename the file to HelpFileFix.reg and then double click on the file. You will also need to have administrator access to your local machine.

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June 29, 2012