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EMP Simulation Example

PowerWorld Simulator version 20 includes the ability to analyze the E3 effects of a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack on the power system. Algorithms are based on public Oak Ridge National Laboratory research.

To perform a sample analysis:

  1. Download this file. Extract the contents and open TX2000.pwb with PowerWorld Simulator (version 20 or higher).
  2. Open the GIC… dialog from the Add Ons ribbon.
  3. Select the “Time Varying Series Voltage Inputs” Calculation Mode.
  4. Check the “Use EMP as Input” box.
  5. Go to the “Field/Voltage Input” page and then the “EMP” tab.
  6. Change the parameters if desired, or leave the defaults.
  7. Click “Calculate EMP Input Time Series”.  (A time-series of transmission line GIC DC Input Voltages are inserted.)
  8. Analyze these in steady-state by changing the Current Time and Calculating GIC Values. (More details on the use of PowerWorld Simulator GIC are available in on-line help and in the GIC training slides.)
  9. Note the “E3A blast” effect peaks around t=5.4s and the “E3B heave” around t=60s.
  10. Analyze in Transient Stability:
    1. Open Transient Stability… dialog from the Add Ons ribbon.
    2. Go to Options -> Power System Model and make sure “Include GIC Effects” is checked.
    3. Run Transient Stability. (More details on the use of PowerWorld Simulator GIC are available in on-line help and in the Transient Stability training slides.)



Surface electric field magnitude 60 seconds after detonation (E3B “heave”):


Transient stability plot of transformer effective GIC currents:



Study to Assess The Effects of Magnetohydrodynamic Electromagnetic Pulse on Electric Power Systems: Phase I, Final Report; J. R. Legro, N. C. Abi-Samra, F. M. Tesche; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Power Systems Technology Program, Energy Division; May 1985.

PSERC Tutorial: High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Impacts on the Grid; T. J. Overbye; Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC); June 8, 2016.

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June 24, 2016