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Creating Diagrams: Auto-Insert Other Objects

Once you have inserted bus, substation, area or zone objects onto your diagram, you can automatically insert other display objects that already exist as part of the power system model.  Select Insert >> Auto-Insert from the main menu, then select the object type you would like to insert.  Users can choose among lines, generators, loads, interfaces, and switched shunts, as well as line flow objects, pie charts and circuit breakers.

Each of the above selections will open the dialog applicable to the type of object you are inserting.  The dialogs are relatively self-explanatory, and the PowerWorld help files provide detailed instructions on using each of the dialogs.

A couple of notes:

  • You can access the Default Drawing Values dialog from the auto-insert dialogs
  • If you plan to manually route bus ties after the objects are inserted, we recommend un-checking the option “Do not insert stubs for bus ties.”  If you leave this option checked, stubs can be manually created by holding down the Ctrl key while left-clicking on a bus tie at the point where you would like to create a vertex.  The vertices can be dragged using the mouse to route bus ties as desired.
  • The Insert >> Auto-Insert >> Interfaces option does not create interface model objects.  To automatically create interface model objects, select Case Information >> Interfaces then right-click on the resulting dialog and select Auto Insert Interfaces.
  • Only area-to-area and zone-to-zone interface display objects can be automatically inserted; single-branch interfaces between buses must be inserted with line insertion options.

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June 28, 2012