Electric Grid Impacts of Geomagnetic Disturbances Short Course Utilizing PowerWorld Simulator

If any of you are looking for a short course focused on electric grid impacts of geomagnetic disturbances, including the modeling needed for NERC TPL-007, we wanted to let you know that one will be offered by Texas A&M in College Station Texas on April 23 to 24.  The instructors for this course are PowerWorld co-founder Tom Overbye, Tracy Rolstad (Avista), Jenn Gannon  (CPI), Bob Arritt (ERPI), and Komal Shetye (TAMU).  While not a PowerWorld training course, this course will make use of PowerWorld Simulator to demonstrate many of the concepts associated with assessing the impact of geomagnetic disturbances on the power grid.  It will also feature hands-on simulations using PowerWorld Simulator, PowerWorld DS and the EPRI software for harmonic analysis.  More information about the course, which has 1.4 CEUs (14 PDHs),  is available at the below link.  Email Tom Overbye at if you have any questions.