Machine Model: REGFM_B1


Model Equations and/or Block Diagrams


wFlag Flag to select which speed deviation to use for Power-Frequency droop.
=0 to use Dwm; <>0 to use DwPLL
VdrpFlag Flag to select either Current or Reactive Power Droop. If QVFlag=0 then VdrpFlag will be ignored and treated as 0 regardless.
=0 for Power; <>0 for Current.
QVflag Input Mode Selection determines whether input value is Qref or Vref.
=0 to use Reactive Power Q as an input; <>0 to use Voltage as an input
PQflag PQ priority flag specifies a priority used for the steady state current limitation.
=0 to use Q priority; <>0 to use P priority
FFlag Flag determine if the Power-Frequency droop is enabled.
=0 to disable Power-Frequency Droop; <> 0 to enable Power-Frequency Droop
ESFlag Flag determines if the model supports energy storage (negative real power or current).
=0 to prevent negative angle; <> 0 to enabled negative angles for energy storage
Re Inverter coupling resistance [pu] (0.00 <= Re <= 0.25*Xe)
Xe Inverter coupling reactance [pu] (0.04 <= Xe <= 0.40)
mq Q-V droop gain. When Vdrpflag<>0, mq represents a per unit virtual impedance [pu]
kpv Proportional gain of the voltage controller [pu]
kiv Integral gain of the voltage controller (>0) [pu/s]
mp Power-Frequency Droop gain [pu]
Dwmax Upper limit of Dwm (>=0) [pu]
Dwmin Lower limit of Dwm (<=0) [pu]
kpPLL Proportional gain of PLL [pu]
kiPLL Integral gain of PLL (>0) [pu/s]
DwPLLmax Upper limit of the PLL output (>=0) [pu]
DwPLLmin Lower limit of the PLL output (<=0) [pu]
Tp Time constant of the low-pass filter in the VSM control block (>=0) [seconds]
H Inertia time constant [seconds]
D1 Damping [pu]
D2 Transient damping [pu]
wD Angular frequency of the washout block [1/seconds]
Issmax Steady state current limit [pu] (Issmax <= 0 is treated as 1/Xe) (Issmax <= 1/Xe) (Issmax <= Ifaultmax)
Kf PQFlag determines if Idmax = Kf*Issmax or Iqmax = Kf*Issmax (Kf<=0 is treated 1.0)
kI Integral gain for the active current limiting loop [pu/s]
Ifaultmax Transient fault current limit [pu]. (If Ifaultmax <= 0 then limit is ignored, but this is not recommended)
Tpf Time constant of the low-pass filter for active power measurement (>=0) [seconds]
TQf Time constant of the low-pass filter for reactive power measurement (>=0) [seconds]
TVf Time constant of the low-pass filter for voltage measurement (>=0) [seconds]
TIf Time constant of the low-pass filter for current measurement (>=0) [seconds]
Ke Scalar on Idmax for negative real steady state current limitation (0 <= Ke <= 1.0)
Vpllfrz Terminal voltage below which special PLL state freezing is implemented (Vpllfrz <= 0.10) [pu]