Linear Sensitivity Analysis

I11: Linear Sensitivity Analysis

Slides: Used in Video, Updated Version

Slide Supplement: Linear Analysis Techniques in PowerWorld Simulator

Note: This topic is only partially available on YouTube. The complete topic is available in the Flash format below.

Flash Version (1 of 3): Power Transfer Distribution Factors (PTDF); PTDFs on One-line Diagram; Transmission Loading Relief (TLR)/Generation Shift Factors (GSF)

Flash Version (2 of 3): Multiple Direction PTDF; Multiple Element TLR/GSF; Line Outage Distribution Factors (LODF); Outage Transfer Distribution Factors (OTDF); Flow and Voltage Sensitivities

Flash Version (3 of 3): Loss Sensitivities; Line Loading Replicator; Connections Analysis (Path Distance to Buses, Shortest Path, Facility Analysis, Branches that Create Islands)