Transient Stability Analysis

Transient Stability Analysis with PowerWorld Simulator

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Synchronous agendas:

This 3 half-day advanced course covers advanced topics in power system transient stability analysis. Participants will learn:

  • fundamentals of transient stability analysis and model relationships;
  • navigation of Simulator’s remarkably easy-to-use transient stability analysis interface;
  • tools and techniques for model validation;
  • detailed modeling of transient contingencies;
  • specialized tools for wind turbine modeling;
  • how to store and plot results; and
  • how to visualize transient stability simulations.

Participants will see several examples of transient stability analysis and novel visualization. A large-scale simulation example will be performed at the end to review key concepts.


Introduction to PowerWorld Simulator: Interface and Common Tools

Course Materials and On-Demand Video

Slides and recorded training modules are available here for free viewing. A dual-monitor system is recommended to enable viewing of the training video alongside the PowerWorld Simulator application. If you don’t yet have PowerWorld Simulator you can perform most of the exercises covered in these training modules on our free 13-bus evaluation version.

Download Sample Cases and Oneline Diagrams used in training modules.

T1: Model Relationships

Machine, Exciter, Governor, Stabilizer, Turbine Load Controller, Other

T2: Data Management

Generator Models, Load Models, Model Explorer, interchange with DYD or DYR files, GENCC models

T3: Transient Stability Basics

Model Initialization, Initial Limit Violations, State Equations

T4: Model Validation

Time Constants, Machine Parameters, Limits

T5: Transient Contingencies

Transient Contingency Definitions, Sample Simulation

T6: Result Storage

Results Available (Fields, Inputs, States, and Others); RAM and Disk; Result Options

T7: Plot Definitions

T8: Viewing Transient Stability Results

Plot Interaction, Max/Min Values, Time Values, Events

T9: Processing Multiple Contingencies

Plot Interaction, Max/Min Values, Time Values, Events

T10: Transient Limit Monitors

Generic Limit Monitors, User-Defined Limit Monitors, Monitor Violations

T11: Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) Modeling

Eigenvalue Analysis

T12: Renewable Generation Modeling (slides only)

T13: Play-In Signals and Scripts (slides only)

T14: Large-Scale Simulation Examples (slides only)