Steady-State Power System Security Analysis

Steady-State Power System Security Analysis with PowerWorld Simulator

This two-day advanced course covers topics in transmission planning and power system security. Use of PowerWorld Simulator for analysis of system security limits will be discussed in depth. Participants will learn:

  • fundamentals of power system modeling and voltage stability;
  • techniques for conditioning and solving hard-to-solve cases;
  • how to model system contingencies in detail, including conditional remedial action schemes (RAS)/special protection schemes (SPS);
  • how to determine thermal and stability limits on power transfer; and
  • how to develop a generator interconnection study with a comprehensive steady-state power system security analysis.

Participants will also see examples of automation applications for security analysis and learn how to use advanced add-on analysis tools in PowerWorld Simulator, including:

  • Available Transfer Capability (ATC)
  • Maximum Power Transfer (PV curve)
  • Reactive Power Margin (QV curve)
  • Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC)

Course Agenda


Introduction to PowerWorld Simulator: Interface and Common Tools