Introduction to PowerWorld Simulator

Introduction to PowerWorld Simulator: Interface and Common Tools

This two-day introductory course covers the PowerWorld Simulator user interface and basic power systems analysis tools. Participants will learn how to:

  • interact with PowerWorld Simulator through text-based interfaces and graphic one-line diagrams;
  • build and modify power system models and one-line diagrams;
  • exchange information with spreadsheets and text files; and
  • create rich color contours, incorporate GIS shapefiles, and enhance the appearance and dynamic behavior of one-line diagrams.

Participants will also learn the basics of power systems modeling and analysis tools in PowerWorld Simulator, including:

  • voltage control;
  • generation control and area interchange;
  • contingency analysis;
  • linear sensitivity analysis;
  • fault analysis (time permitting); and
  • system equivalents (time permitting).

Course Agenda