Software Patches

October 7, 2020

Features and Improvements

  • Difference Case Tool: Modified the Section field of a Branch to properly show a Section difference treating the Section as an identifying string. Thus if a section changed from 3 to 4 then previously it would have displayed a "1" (because it increased by 1). Now it will show "4|3" instead which is more useful
  • Transient Stability: Modified the CCOMP4 model so that when the user enters Vmax = Vmin = 0.0 then the Vmax/Vmin limits are ignored.
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified so that the user can control the number of conditions displayed at once on the ModelFilter and Filter dialogs. Previously once more than 4 conditions existed a scroll box would contain them all. Now up and down arrows display to allow this to be changed.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed bug that did not include the Time Delay when implementing SOLUTIONFAIL remedial actions with contingency analysis. If the power flow solution failed, any SOLUTIONFAIL action with a Model Criteria that was met would be implemented at the same time even if they had different Time Delays. Now only the eligible actions with the lowest time delay are implemented at each step of the SOLUTIONFAIL process.
    • Scheduled Actions: Fixed a bug in Scheduled Actions where Scheduled Action objects read in from an AUX file were not properly inserted into the case.
    • Transient Stability: Value being output for Other Field "Zone 4 Signal" for DistRelay and DistRelayITR was incorrect, even though the zone 4 was functioning properly.
    • User Interface Dialogs: Modified the ModelFilter dialog so that when a very large number of ModelCondition and ModelFilter are defined that the dialog does not take so long to open. For cases that had several 1000 of these defined and for a Model filter that had dozens of conditions, the dialog was taking about a minute to open. This has been fixed so that even with 10,000s defines and 100 conditions the dialog performance is good