Software Patches

October 24, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Power Flow Solution: When determining how switched shunts should switch when they are part of a control group regulating the same bus, the Var Regulation Sharing parameter determines the order in which shunts should switch. For discrete shunts we switch them in the order of highest to lowest Var Regulation Sharing parameter. We had been NOT been switching any shunts away from zero if they did not have a Var Regulation Sharing parameter greater than 0. Cases loaded from hdbexport files can end up having this parameter set to 0, which was causing shunts that presumably are supposed to move not to move. Because this parameter is defined as an order, the restriction on the Var Regulation Sharing parameter being greater than 0 has been removed when switching discrete shunts. For continuous shunts, we will still not move any shunts unless this parameter is greater than 0.