Software Patches

October 16, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): When using the script command OpenCase() and the file loaded was invalid, then after completing the script command the power system case will be empty. This was causing an access violation which has been fixed. In addition to fixing the bug, we also added additional error messages to help the user notice that the opening of the case failed.
  • Case Information Displays: Modified case information displays so that the background color outside of the region occupied by rows and columns would obey the color of the background of normal cells in the table. Previously these parts of the grid would appear as white regardless of the colors chosen for the displays.
  • Contingency Analysis: When keeping track of the contingency result that returns the amount of "Total Islanded Load MW", we sum up the amount of load MW at any bus whose bus status is Connected in the reference state and then disconnected in the contingency solution. There was a bug that even loads which had a Status of OPEN in the reference state were included in this summation. This has been fixed.
  • File Formats: There as an error in writing out VSC DC Lines to the RAW file format. This has been fixed.