Software Patches

October 11, 2017

Features and Improvements

  • Difference Case Tool: In the Present Topological Differences from base case tool, the removed objects did not support the case information display filtering by owner, but only display filtering by Area/Zone. This has been modified to also support Owner filtering.
  • Security Constrained OPF (SCOPF) Tool: Added the contingency name to the 'Bus Marginal Controls' header to allow correlation between the controls and 'LP Basic Variables'
  • Security Constrained OPF (SCOPF) Tool: We have added a column on the LPVariables grid to show the contingency name that corresponds to the variable. Previously it was possible to have variables with the same ID, making it impossible to uniquely identify a variable.
  • Transient Stability: Made more descriptive validation error messages for REPC_A and REPC_B when the model does not have a measurement branch specified. Unless this model is only controlling voltage, then a branch must be specified at which the Qbranch, Pbranch, and/or Ibranch is measured. If the branch is not specified when it is needed an error message will appear indicating why the measurement is needed.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed reading of ViolationCTG objects from an AUX file when reading in custom monitor violations. These were not being read in when multiple of the same custom monitors violations for different violated elements under the same contingencies.
    • Difference Case Tool: In the Present Topological Differences from base case tool, there was an inconsistency when writing out the AUX file that changes one case into another if a device such as a branch, gen, shunt, or lineshunt was
      1. Assigned to the default bus owner in the base case
      2. Assigned to the same owner in the present case
      3. But the default bus's owner was changed
      The problem occurred because when reading an AUX file, Simulator's behavior when a bus owner changes is that any device connected to that bus (gen, load, shunt) that has the same owner as the bus will automatically follow that ownership change. Thus after reading the AUX file you would see the owner of the device (gen, load, shunt) change when you had not expected it to. The fix for this was to modify what is shown for a devices ownership in the Change mode so that if this occurs the device acts as though it's ownership has changed. Thus this would get included in the AUX file and the appropriate behavior would be seen.
    • Difference Case Tool: When saving out the auxiliary file of case changes when using the Difference Case tool, we now include a section that changes the owner of buses in the following situations:
      (1) The owner of the bus has changed between the Present and Base Case
      (2) A new device has been added that is attached to the bus and the owner of the new device is different than the owner of the bus in the Base Case
      (3) A new device has only one owner
      Writing out this additional section will prevent the situation in which a new device is added to a case and the owner matches the owner of the bus to which it is being added. This will mark the device as having the default owner. If the owner of the bus then changes the owner of the device will also change. We want to retain the owner of the device as it was assigned when the device was created. Changing the owner of the bus prior to adding the new device prevents this problem.
    • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed bug parsing bus numbers when read from a KML file. Any extra whitespace created error converting the text to a number. This has been fixed.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed a bug with writing REECB1 from a REEC_B model. It was casuing an access violation when saving a dyr file.
    • Transient Stability: Fixed an access violation that could occur when opening the load dialog for any load. An access violation could occur if a transient stability distribution equivalent had been assigned to the load.