Software Patches

November 27, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Added a new feature to the TSGetResults() script command. When parsing the portion of that script command looking for specific Object | Field pairs or Plot Names, you may now also specify the syntax "ObjectName FilterName | FieldName". For this syntax anything after the first space and before the | character is considered a FilterName. The FilterName can be All indicating that all objects of the type ObjectName are used, or it can use the syntax available for defining a FilterName in all the other script commands. Examples would include
    "Bus All | TSFrequency" : exports Frequency for all buses
    "Bus NomkV > 300 | TSFrequency" : exports frequency for all buses with a Nominal kV above 300
    "Bus My Filter Name | TSFrequency" : exports frequency for all buses meeting the filter named "My Filter Name"
    "Bus Selected | TSFrequency" : exports Frequency for all buses which have the Selected = YES
    "Bus AreaZone | TSFrequency": exports Frequency for all buses that meet the present Area/Zone filters
  • File Formats: Added error checking when loading the Areva hdbexport CSV for a case. If records such as UN, LD, CP, LN, ZBR, XF, NDPAIR, or DCCNV reference another ND record but it is an index higher than the largest ND record index then appropriate warning messages are written to the log indicating a problem in the file. If this is the ND record at which the device is connected we will ignore the device. If this is the ND record for a regulated bus, we will use the terminal bus of the device as the regulated bus. These are error in the CSV however and the user should fix these problem in the CSV export (probably by reducing the hdbexport process in the EMS). These fixed in PowerWorld Simulator however will at least allow us to load the file and see what is wrong in the CSV export.
  • General: Increased the maximum number of buses from 250000 to 400000.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Major enhancement to GDV styles so they can now be setup to automatically update the display based on the linked objects of the specified type. This means a single GDV display can be easily used with vastly different power flow cases.
  • Scheduled Actions: Added support for Custom Fields in ActionField column of PowerWorld Outage CSV format
  • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): Added support for single-condition filter strings in SimAuto commands
  • Transient Stability: Updated Stability saving two bus equivalents to also store the substation to provide access to geographic information. Saving two bus equivalents for all generators and buses also now supports the use of area/zone filters.
  • Transient Stability: Modified the PVD1 machine model so that it will respond to TSContingencyElement actions which change the generator "Governor" or "Exciter" setpoints. The Pref in PVD1 will be treats as the governor setpoint and the Qref will be treated as the exciter setpoints. The PVD1 model itself should be used as a stand-alone model only however without an actual governor or exciter defined. This allows TSContingencyElement to change the MW and Mvar output of a generator with a PVD1 machine model.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: Fixed bug in writing out an EPC file for changes made to a case which could occur for branch records.