Software Patches

May 16, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Bus View and Substation View Onelines: Modified the Bus View fields shown for Multi-terminal DC lines and VSC DC Lines so that they are linked to the object using the generic Model Field display object. Previously they were just background text fields and thus the MW, Mvar and MVA shown were calculated only when the bus view was redrawn at a bus. As a result as the system state changed and the bus view was open the fields for these DC devices were not changing. With this change they will now change matching the expected behavior of all the other fields on the bus view.
  • Case Information Displays: There are two new folders with Branch fields: Limit Monitoring\Amp Limits Percent and Limit Monitoring\MVA Limits Percent. These contain fields showing flow as a percent of the respective limits for all limits that are available.
  • Case Information Displays: Added % of Amp Limit (Max), % of Amp Limit at From Bus, and % of Amp Limit at To Bus fields to show the flow based on the presently selected limit set with the Limit Monitoring Settings.
  • Case Information Displays: Added Solution Detail field with PWCaseInformation object that indicates whether or not the last power flow solution was successful.
  • Case Information Displays: Made BusPair and VSCDCLine objects available for use in Model Expressions.
  • Case Information Displays: Added Case Info Customization for MW Transactions case information display. This will allow the same customizations such as the fields that are shown and the applied Quick filter to be stored when the display is closed and then used as set when the display is open again.
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: When reading an hdbexport Areva file and choosing to translate the DC systems extra loads are added that have an EMS Type of "POLE" which represent the mismatch in the CSV state estimation solution around the DC converter terminals. This was working appropriately for multi-terminal DC line system, but was not begin done for the VSC DC Line that were translated. This has been fixed so that an additional fake load is added to represent this mismatch for VSC DC system. Also modified so that VSC DC systems are always put on an ACMode of power factor so that they match the reactive flow read from the CSV file.
    • File Formats: When reading in an hdbexport case. The AGC flag for a load is set to NO if the Base MW is greater than or equal to half of the actual MW. Degenerate situations in which both the Base MW and actual MW are zero would cause this flag to be set to NO when it should really stay set as YES. Now the check is to see if the Base MW is greater than half of the actual MW. BaseMW > 0.5*MW instead of BaseMW >= 0.5*MW.
    • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed some error with loading the Areva Oneline menus