Software Patches

March 8, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Oneline Diagrams: Changed GDVs to make it easier to work with large numbers of GDVs. The only user change is there is now a GDV Style option that controls the minimum pixel size of text to display. This defaults to 6 vertical pixels. This avoids spending lots of time waiting for a display to show text that can't be read.
  • Scheduled Actions: Added a new Scheduled Actions Script Command:
    ApplyScheduledActionsAtCurrentViewTime(StartTime, [EndTime], [Filter])
    This command applies any scheduled actions which meet the specified filter which are active during the window of time between StartTime and EndTime. If EndTime is not specified, only actions active at StartTime are applied; if no filter is specified, no filter is applied.
  • Transient Stability: Added a new TS Gen event that allows an event to set the playin voltage magnitude and speed values. The events is valid for the Gen, Set Values to or Change Values Type. Set the Action Type to PlayIn Voltage Mag, Speed.