Software Patches

June 9, 2020

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): Fixed a bug in where an Interface Element was Unlinked with a blank entry. It was causing and access violation now it will not cause the access violation anymore.
  • Transient Stability: Added the PUflag parameter to the REPC_A model. When PUFlag = 0 then the input values for PBranch, QBranch, and IBranch to the plant controller are the system MVABase (normally 100). Otherwise if the PUFlag <> 0 then these values are the plant MVABase specified by the parameter mvab.
  • Transient Stability: Added warning messages when reading a DYD file when encountering the syntax mva=123 or mwcap=123 with models for which is this not appropriate and thus these values are ignored.
  • Transient Stability: When loading a DYD file the renewable models names REEC_A, REEC_B, REEC_C, REEC_D, and REPC_A all have as their first parameter a model MVABase named "mvab". For machines and governor models in a DYD there is a syntax of using mva=123 or mwcap=456 before the parameters are specified for the model to specify the base of model per unit system. This syntax is not appropriate for the REEC_* and REPC_* models however, but we are seeing DYD files which have this incorrect syntax. The incorrect syntax for the REEC_* model is as follows
    regc_a 12345 "BusName " 0.32 "G3" : #9 mva=150.0 "lvplsw" 1.00 "rrpwr" 10.0 ...
    reec_a 12345 "BusName " 0.32 "G3" : #9 mva=186.0 "vdip" 0.90 "vup" 1.10 ...
    The correct reec_a syntax for this is
    reec_a 12345 "BusName " 0.32 "G3" : #9 "mvab" 186.0 "vdip" 0.90 "vup" 1.10 ...
    WECC staff checked how this is treated when loading in the native software for DYD files and found that the values of "mvab" were being set equal to the machine model (REGC_*) MVABase when seeing this, which is equivalent to setting a value of mvab to 0.0. PowerWorld will now do the same, though error messages will be written out when encountering this letting the user know.