Software Patches

June 9, 2017

Features and Improvements

  • Contingency Analysis Tool: When using Custom Monitors to abort a simulation, use the time delay when considering if an action that would cause an abort should be applied.
  • Transient Stability: Added DistRelayITR. Is equal to DistRelayRF but have individual reclosing times for the 5 Transfer Trips.
  • Transient Stability: For transient stability, modified induction machine generators so that they are not allowed to be the only type of generator in an isolated island. Previous a few type 2 wind turbines could get isolated in a small island giving very strange numerical results. Now that island will not be considered viable.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed hover hint over the Monitor field of a bus when the bus is radial and it is not being monitored because not monitoring radial buses. The hint would say that it was not being monitored because of its area or zone reporting options when it was really not being monitored because of being radial.
    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed a bug when automatically determine which breakers to open using a OPENCBs contingency action in the situation where a RemedialActionElement performed a "BRANCH OPEN" on another branch.
    • Transient Stability: Modified the option for "Copy Chart" so that if there are more than 100 plot series on the chart we will copy a Bitmap to the clipboard. Otherwise a Windows Metafile will be copied to the clipboard. There were problems with copying extremely large metafiles to the clipboard which this avoids.