Software Patches

June 30, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • Power Flow Solution: Added Message Log warning messages when a VSC DC Line is not properly configured to alert the user that the VSC DC Line is being ignored. As an example, if both converters are configured for MW control and error message will be generated that says "DCMode at From and To Converter are both the same. One side must be set to Power and the other to Voltage for the VSCDC Line to operate."
  • Security Constrained OPF (SCOPF) Tool: set hints for the SCOPF form options, and added longer descriptions for them
  • Bug Fixes

    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed bug properly displaying contingency injection sensitivity results in the Contingency Violations Display (LimitViol object type).
    • Distributed Computation: Fixed distributed computation computer verification so that when no machines are defined, verification no longer causes Simulator to freeze.
    • Optimal Power Flow (OPF): In some cases MWMarginalCostValues was not being saved as subdata when saving an AUX file
    • Power Flow Solution: If a generator had a negative MW output and it was using Boundary Power Factor control to set the Mvar limits, the Mvar limits would end up switched with the minimum being positive and the maximum being negative. This has been fixed.