Software Patches

June 28, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • File Formats: Fixed bugs appending a PWB file. When appending the case Simulator might appear to freeze or produce an out of memory error. Some GIC solution data was being loaded by substation and the number of substations can change when appending. Some Supplemental Data object information was also being loaded based on the number of supplemental data records, which could also change when appending. Both of these problems have been fixed.
  • General: When deleting a bus, delete an entire multi-terminal dc line record if there is a converter for that line attached to the bus being deleted. Previously, we were deleting the converters attached to the bus being deleted but only deleting the multi-terminal dc line if less than 2 converters remained.
  • Transient Stability: Fixed DISTR1 to be allowed to insert correctly from aux and paste from excel.