Software Patches

June 16, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Time Step Simulation: In the Time Step Simulation tool, fixed a bug with the Injection Groups Input table. The bug was that when adding an Injection Group Input Column, the value shown for the MW was incorrectly multiplied by the system base thus showing an incorrect value. This was affecting the Timestep solution because it was using an incorrect value to change the injection group MW. This bug was fixed and the correct MW value is now shown in the column and is used for the timestep solution.
  • Time Step Simulation: Fixed an obscure bug when setting IsXF=No using an AUX file. This should be OK, but if the branch still had a non-unity tap or non-zero phase, it could mess up the PWB save/load process. This has been fixed so that when IsXF is set to NO it will also change the tap to 1.000 and the phase to 0.0000.