Software Patches

July 23, 2020

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): The CalculateLODFScreening script command now has an optional 17th parameter called CustomFieldOrigCTGName. This is an integer indicating which Custom String field for a processed branch will store the name of the original contingency from which the branch originated. Default is 0.
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: The Summary table on the LODF Screening dialog now shows the "Original Contingency Name" field. If processing lines based on Defined Contingencies, this field will show the name of the contingency from which the single line outage originated. Otherwise this field will be blank.
  • Contingency Analysis Tool: There is now an option on the LODF Screening dialog to populate a custom string field for the branch associated with the Contingency Line in the summary dialog with the "Original Contingency Name" field.
  • Time Step Simulation: Changed the way the status change count works so that status changes from the time step tool are counted.
    I also added a script command to clear the counter.
  • Bug Fixes

    • GIC: Fixed GMD 3D field bug when a B3D file is loaded if the user wants the time-varying fields updated.
    • GIC: Fixed bug in which a few GIC form fields were not getting updated when the form was refreshed. This could cause an issue when say a power flow solution is restored.