Software Patches

January 8, 2024

Features and Improvements

  • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Tool: Added more options for auto inserting multiple directions for ATC and PTDF analysis. Options are now available to insert from Area, Zone, Injection Group, and Bus source objects to a specified sink object of type Area, Zone, Injection Group, or Slack. The source objects can be filtered using standard filtering methods.
  • Case Information Displays: Case Info Column Metrics dialog now has a page making it easy to get a histogram plot of the data.
  • General: In the General File Browser there is now 1) support for loading axd files and 2) an option to view the contents of the aux and axd files without loading them; with this option they are viewed in the computer's default text editor (what is associated with the *.txt files).
  • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): Modified the SimAuto command called RunScriptCommand2 so that the error string can include information such as "23 objects not found" while reading objects from the data section of an auxiliary file.
  • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): Simulator COM automation (i.e., SimAuto) distributed process threads are now assigned in a manner that prevents them from being power throttled by the Windows layer. This issue affected newer Intel CPUs that have p/e-cores technology, in which background Simulator distributed processes would get assigned to e-cores (that have lower processing speed). This did not change the quality of results from Simulator, but some users running distributed tools (like Transient Stability, ATC) would have noticed a significant increase in processing duration, because p-cores (that have higher processing speed) were inadvertently not being used. This issue only affected those users using distributed tools from a primary SimAuto instance (from VBA, Python, Matlab, etc), and not those using a primary graphical Simulator instance. It has been remedied.
  • Time Step Simulation: Added Time Step Simulation script command to store the custom results for an object type in a csv file.
  • Transient Stability: Added the ability to open the BusView from the Solution Details tab in Transient Stability. It will open the BusView of the first Mismatch Bus (Mismatch Bus 1).
  • Transient Stability: Added another parameter Vfrzhigh to REPC_D bus plant controller.
  • User Interface Dialogs: Modified GenROpt PFW/Weather page to include the ability to easy apply weather for many hours to a generator.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Simulator Automation Server (SimAuto): ChangeParametersMultipleElementRect SimAuto function would stop when encountering the first object that could not be found without processing the rest of the specified objects. All objects are now processed and all objects that cannot be found are specified in the returned output message.
    • Transient Stability: For GGOV1 model the Ldref acts as a maximum limit on the output mechanical power of the governor. PowerWorld was always modifying Ldref to ensure it was at least as big as the initial Pmechical and not reporting this in any log message or as State Limit violation. This will now be reported and we will also only change the Ldref value if the option to "Modify limits and run" is chosen regarding initial state limit violations.