Software Patches

August 4, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Scheduled Actions: Added Bus View option to Scheduled Action records menu if the Action targets a device that can be viewed in a Bus View
  • Bug Fixes

    • File Formats: Added a new object called HDB_BRLIMS_RateSet which allows you to specify where BRLIMS ratings read are placed into the model. These decisions are made based on the fields: BRLIMS.ID field and LNLIMA.BRLIMS. The HDB_BRLIMS_RateSet object specifies a SearchString which is used to match the BRLIMS string ID. If a match is found then the HDB_BRLIMS_RateSet object specifies to either push limits into the DEF, GHI, JKL, or MNO RateSets. We would expect that only one HDB_BRLIMS_RateSet would have a SearchString that matches, but if multiple do, then the one with the lowest Order field will be used. A sample AUX file defining a choices like this is as follows.
      HDB_BRLIMS_RateSet (Order,RateSet,SearchString)
      1 "DEF" "*SUM*"
      2 "GHI" "*FAL*"
      3 "JKL" "*WIN*"
      4 "MNO" "*SPR*"
    • Transient Stability: Modified REPC_A, REPCA1, REPC_B, and REPC_C generator models so that the parameters for dbd, fdbd1, fdbd2 always have a fixed sign. Thus if the deadband must always be negative then any edits will automatically take the absolute value and choose the appropriate sign. Also modified so that when writing out to DYD or DYR files these deadbands are written with the sign expected by those formats.
    • Weather: When loading in new METARS data on the Weather Related Models dialog, the list of WeatherStations would be updated. There was a bug with some internal search/sort structures however which were not updated after loading the METARS data. This would cause the assignment of objects to WeatherStations to fail as the lookup of WeatherStations by Name was broken. This has been fixed.