Software Patches

August 31, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • File Formats: Added ability to store values read from EPC file for a 2-terminal DC line for values not used in power flow solution:
    Rectifier Gamma Min, Rectifier Gamma Max, Inverter Alpha Min, and Inverter Alpha Max. While these values are not used with the power flow solution, the value Inverter Alpha Min is used in the recently added CHVDC2 model. That value is not included in the DYD record for the CHVDC2 model, so we must carry it around with power flow data to properly read EPC/DYD file pairs.
  • Oneline Diagrams: Fixed how substation display objects use Default Drawing Values to highlight voltage limits. If showing the "Min kV of Highest Nom kV" or "Min PU of Highest Nom kV" fields within a substation display object, the color of this text will be the Limit Highlight Color specified with the Default Drawing Values if at least one bus in the substation is outside its voltage limits. If there is dynamic formatting in effect the dynamic formatting color will be used instead. The Limit Highlighting Used field was being ignored, but it is now being used to determine if the Limit Highlight Color should be used. The default color for the substation text will be used when the Limit Highlight Color is not used and in the absence of any dynamic formatting.
  • Power Flow Solution: Fixed bug that could prevent the DC converter equations from solving to a solution very close to the minimum firing angle at the rectifier. The solution may instead setting a transformer step 1 stepsize away a solution near the mimimum firing angle.
  • Transient Stability: Cleaned up the network boundary equation for the converters of a VSCDCT VSCDCLine dynamic model.
  • Transient Stability: Modified the bad input data treatment when the branch P, Q, or I measurement are needed for an REPC_A model but a branch is not specified. Previously we just assumed all flow measurements were 0.0, but this has been changed so that in this situation we use the output of the generator instead.