Software Patches

August 30, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Power Flow Solution: When switching to Edit Mode, all system states are destroyed. This includes the Last Successful Solution State, State Before Failed Solution Attempt, Contingency/ATC/PV References, User State, and Named States. This patch modifies this behavior so that the "User State" and "Named States" are no longer destroyed when switching to Edit Mode. This allows you to continue using the User and Named States even after switching to Edit Mode and deleting or adding objects. These states will not be "solved states" after you have made deletions or additions in Edit Mode, but they still can be useful states.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Transient Stability: Added a new load characteristic LDVFD_A
    • User Interface Dialogs: On the time domain weather station page, added ability to go to a specified time point.