Software Patches

August 3, 2016

Features and Improvements

  • Retriever: Added field to display the alias whose change is responsible for an alarm.
  • Retriever: Added inhibited field (sgInhibitedAlias) for string grid of inhibited points.
  • Retriever: Added field for changed aliases in alarm grid.
  • Retriever: Added field for inhibit type or source (eg manual, quality buffer, chatter buffer).
  • Retriever: Added a Permanent result the inhibit expire field. If the inhibit doesn't expire in a year, it is shown as permanent.
  • Retriever: Added F6 as a shortcut to inhibit changed aliases on the alarm dialog.
  • Retriever: Added Derived Oneline field to AlarmUsesDerivedStatus.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Retriever: Added check that values were retrieved before setting previous value meta data. This is to fix a trampling problem caused by data sources with no values only quality.
    • Retriever: Added nil checks before accessing subscription list. This was causing a data source failure when an alias had no subscriptions.
    • Retriever: Fixed toolbars on alarm options dialog. The toolbar is hidden when the general options tab is open, and populated correctly for the severity levels and inhibited points tabs.
    • Retriever: Delete from string grid now works to remove inhibited point.
    • Retriever: Updated code to handle derived online field when getting list of changed Aliases.